our vision

We bring to every matter nearly forty years of collective experience in big-dollar and high-exposure commercial litigation. Both principals, John and Sharon, were previously partners at a well-respected nationwide firm of over three hundred lawyers. Sharon also worked as in-house litigation counsel with two Fortune 50 companies, giving her a unique insight into our clients’ perspective and business interests. We bring our diverse perspectives to each representation and client relationship to give our clients the best each of our lawyers has to offer.

Our history as big-firm, big-company lawyers taught us the value of attention to detail and of smart, creative approaches to the disputes in which we’re involved. We are committed to bringing our big law expertise to cases that don’t require an army of lawyers and their associated costs. Whether our clients are individuals, executive employees, corporate officers and directors, middle market companies, financial institutions, or multinational corporations, we strive to offer efficient representation to help our clients address important and complex disputes of all sizes.

Above all, we believe in the client-focused practice of law. We take seriously our ethical and professional commitments to our clients, and strive from the outset to address their problems efficiently and effectively with a constant eye to their real objectives. We fight their battles, but work with the clients to make sure they are the ones they want fought.

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